Top 5 Best Math Help App That Math Students Use

1#MyScript Calculator 2 Math App

myscript calsulator 2 math app online

This math help app allows you to draw your calculations instead of typing them in like you traditionally have to do with a calculator that and it retails for free on the app store, and there are an app purchases available if you want to unlock other features, it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and as a universal app so you can download it once and then use it on all your device, you’d have to download a separate version each time. You can download Myscript Calculator for PC, Android or iOS.

2#Mathway App

math word problem solver app

It’s a very intelligent calculator app that allows students to solve all sorts of math problems, works for basic math all the way up to calculus, if we wanted to solve a simple problem such as 6+9-3 all we have to do is type it in, and there’s the answer if we want to solve a more complicated problem such as graphing an equation, we can press the camera icon and pull the equation right from our textbook by putting our cursor over the equation and pressing the shutter icon, once this load you’ll be able to see all that if this reminds me to mention the only downside to Mathway math help app that I’ve seen is that it takes a long time to load, so if you were really in hurry to get your homework done or something, it could take a while, all we have to do is click the arrow and it’ll pull up all the different things that we can do with this equation, I’m going start off and we’re just going to go up and graph it, and just a few seconds pull up, all important information about the equation and a nice graph of it tap the graph, it’ll enlarge it and you can zoom in and zoom out, all you want to get all the details of the graph. If you wanted to do something other than graph you just have to go back up tap on the equation, it goes back into the bar. You can download Myscript Calculator for PC, Androidor iOS.

3#MalMath App

maths problem solving app

You can download this math help app from play store; this review about the app is based on my experience over the past six months.

McMath is an app math solver but step by step description of the solution and works offline, you can solve almost every type math problem, with this app so this is the arm, you can solve differentiation, integration, exponential and limits, etc…

You also have basic math functions are also available, also you have a kind of a problem shooter on the top right corner of the widescreen, to get the answer of the problem you have to click the bottom right solve button. The most amazing feature of this app is that you can see the entire solution for free; the graph feature is quite fast and accurate. Another good feature of this app is that it has a problem generator, you can use the expression set the difficulty level and genders the problem, it also shows the steps and the clop as well the only con about this app is it feels this all sum involving National Park and integer part of a function it is a little to keep. We use this app for the first time but we’ll get used to it, according to me I could take this app about a 9/10. You can download Myscript Calculator for PC, Android.

4#PhotoMath Online App

photomath math answer app

If you’re doing schoolwork and someone or something gives you the answer isn’t that cheating! The Photomath online app gives students answers to complicated questions just by taking a picture photo.

Photomath app is free and available on iTunes and on the windows phone, the app uses the cell phone’s camera to scan math problems and solve them.

Officially this math help app is supposed to be used to save time from flipping to the back of the textbook to find answers when doing homework or studying, many math students are graded for not being able to show their work and prove how they got a particular answer, Photomath online does that for you too, not only are you handed the answer you’ll find out how to get there, if teachers don’t confiscate smartphone string tests, this could be a really easy way for students to cheat, not that I encourage it, I’m just saying the Photomath app can do linear equations, functions powers and roots so anyone in algebra or trigonometry should be covered. You can download Myscript Calculator for PC, Android or iOS.

5#Symbolab – Math solver App

symbolab best math solving apps

Symbolab app is now available on iPhone iOS and Android, when you first open  this math help app you can choose between algebra, trigonometry, calculus,  functions and graphing matrices and vectors, so if we going to do algebra, for example, you can choose between several parts of algebra, so they have pre-automated examples and if you want to show how they got to it on iPad you have to pay for them  to show you all the steps, but if you logging on the computer it’ll show you the steps for free. You can download Myscript Calculator for PC, Android.